Polysaz co

Engineered and recycled polymer compounds producer in Iran

The company is ready to serve the manufacturers of polymer industry with producing high quality engineered and recycled polymer granules.

Recycled Polyamide granules                                
⭕ Recycled ABS granules in various color
⭕ Recycled Polypropylene granules
⭕ PVC granules
⭕ Recycled Polyethylene granules
⭕ PP-PE Carbonate masterbatch granules
⭕ engineered granules based on PE-PP-PA-ABS

We are manufacturing various equipment used in many industries.

⭕ Mixers                                                                                           

⭕ Screw conveyors
⭕ Vibrating sieves for granular aggregation
⭕ Granular dryer and heater
⭕ Silos
⭕ Automatic material transfering system
⭕ Implementation of vacuum systems for
the removal of moisture and gases produced in extruders
⭕ Manufacturing all kinds of equipment and machinery in accordance with customer order
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